Tuesday 1 July 2014

Prey of Domestic Cats (average frequency of mammals, birds, reptiles)

Average frequency of occurrence of mammals, birds and reptiles in the diet of the domestic cat based on gut or scat (feces) analysis in relation to cats in the northern hemisphere, meaning Europe and N.America combined, and on islands with and without seabirds.

Here is a spreadsheet with the data:

This is important information because there is often a lot of discussion about the domestic cat preying on wildlife. These figures are based on a large number of studies.

"What is observed locally is not necessarily representative on a wider scale"

"estimates of total predation....are meaningless from an ecological point of view unless put into relation to the entire population of that prey species and its annual production rate"

"Careful studies are still needed before 'condemning' all cats to an indoor life, or even forbidding them as pets."

(quotes from the book referred to as the source for the figures).

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