Friday 18 July 2014

When the news is so bad how do you write about cats?

When people are behaving so badly, it is harder to write about cats. This is because we have to behave well if we are to improve the life of cats. The worse we behave between ourselves the more the welfare of the domestic cat becomes less of a priority.

The recent Malaysia Airlines MH17 disaster puts me off writing about cats. This is an extraordinarily crazy example of careless and callous human behavior which has resulted in the deaths of 298 innocent people, 80 of which are children.

If the world is so crazy that people can fire a surface to air missiles which can travel to 72,000 feet, in a place that is considered to be Europe, to shoot down an aircraft that looks like a troop transport aircraft but which is a commercial airliner, then we are all lost.

If people can't even behave half decently then what chance have we got? We don't know for sure what happened in the MH17 airline disaster but the current general consensus is that a sophisticated Russian manufactured surface to air missile (SA-11 or BUK) was fired from the pro-Russian area of Eastern Ukraine in an attempt to shoot down what was thought to be a Ukrainian government troop carrier.

If this allegation is true the missile must have been supplied by Russia. Russia is behaving in a defensive manner trying to muddy the waters and hide evidence (I believe). This indicates guilt.

The missile referred to carries 75kg of explosives and explodes just before impacting the aircraft to cause maximum damage. MH17 was blown up in the air and rained down over 10 miles! The air accident investigators are allowed limited access by the pro-Russian rebels. What does that tell you? How good will the investigation be? No chance it will be good and true.

Ukrainians saw bodies falling from the sky. The black box is missing we are told? I don't know if that is true.

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  1. It is shocking. I feel the world is changing and getting worse. It has become callous and nasty.


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