Tame Fox Loves Her Caretaker

A lot of people dislike foxes. In fact a lot of people hate foxes. They think they spread disease and are pests. Personally, I love them. I think they're great and they survive against all the odds in the human world.

The fox in the video, Dawn, was raised as a young cub and lives in a sanctuary in the UK (Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary). There are 5 other foxes at the sanctuary.

 My Charlie has frequently bumped into a fox when he is outside in the evening but nothing happens. The fox more or less ignores him and Charlie hisses at the fox. On one occasion Charlie was aggressive towards the fox, who I was feeding.


  1. This video is adorable.
    That gentleman is wonderful.
    The two have a special bond, for sure.

    1. It proves how adorable the fox can be but many people in the UK see the fox as a pest and a disease spreader. Then there is fox hunting which I hate. Toffs abusing animals.


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