Monday 14 July 2014

Have You Given Human Medicine To Your Cat?

I have never given human medicine to my cat.  It has never occurred to me, in fact, because it is too dangerous but that does not mean it is dangerous for the few people who have the sufficient knowledge and skills regarding feline medications. However, a well-known book on cat illness and treatment, Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, third edition, lists on page 561 over-the-counter drugs for home veterinary use.  The authors state that the medicines listed are not labelled for use in cat.  

They make it abundantly clear that these medicines should not be administered without guidance from a veterinarian.  That is absolutely critical and cannot be stress strongly enough. Dosages are critical and some of these contain salicylates and  acetaminophen (to be avoided).

Here is the list. It is a USA list by the way.

  • Afrin Children's Strength Nose Drops
  • Aspirin (buffered; enteric coating) ***. I stress again please see a vet
  • Betadine solution
  • Charcoal
  • Chlorhexidine solution
  • Dulcolax
  • Flatulex
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Kaolin and pectin
  • Loperamide
  • Metamucil
  • Milk of Magnesia, Mylanta Maalox
  • Mineral oil
  • Pepcid
  • Robitussin
  • Robitussin-DM, Benylin Expectorant

I have deliberately not provided dosage details and what they are used for (although for some it is obvious) to force cat owners to ask their vet before using them.


  1. Yes, OTC and prescription.
    But, even when a person knows what they're doing, they need to be learned enough to know when a vet visit is necessary.
    Cats don't have allergic reactions often to a med like penicillin, but it happens. If the caregiver isn't prepared to handle a crisis like that, they need to keep their hands out of the med cabinet.

    1. Dee, I'd like you to do an article on what medicines you administer and when you believe you need to go to the vet. Could you manage that? Something easy to produce. Thanks for commenting.


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