Friday 18 July 2014

Investment in TNR In Yonkers, NY After Animal Cruelty

After what has been described as the worst case of animal cruelty in the history of Westchester when the dead bodies of 25 cats and kittens were found in black plastic bags hanging from a tree in a wood, the city of Yonkers has acted constructively and proactively in allocating $15,000 towards trap-neuter-release programs to help reduce the number of homeless cats which are ultimately potential victims of the nasty people who like to abuse animals.

The city of Yonkers deserves to be applauded because this is a very constructive and an enlightened decision.  It also promotes the concept of TNR as a means of controlling stray and feral cat populations humanely.

An organisation called Animal Defenders of Westchester are delighted because the decision sends the right message about dealing with community chats: humanely and compassionately.  It sends the message that the city of Yonkers, New York cares about the vulnerability of community cats and wishes to do the right thing for them.

There is, I believe, a very gradual acceptance that TNR is the way to go in the long-term to control homeless cat populations but it will not work on its own. There needs to be a parallel changing of behaviour by the less responsible cat owners to slow the creation of unwanted cats.

One last point: I don't believe $15,000 is enough but we can't be critical.




  1. $15,000 isn't a whole lot of money. But, it's a start, Hooray for Yonkers setting such a good example.

  2. $15,000? That's just chump-change to shut you all up. $15K is only good enough to TNR about 100 cats, when there are thousands of them breeding faster than they can ever be trapped.

    All those dead cats in trees were road-kill cats that some good samaritan made visible to bring them to the attention of the sanitation department. Put in bags so that all the deadly diseases that these invasive-species vermin transmit to all other life on earth won't go on to harm even more of our native wildlife and humans -- even after their deaths. And now you want to spend more money to dump MORE cats in the streets so even MORE get ran over by cars or attacked by other cats and animals as they fight for their very survival? (A highly punishable criminal offense, I might add -- to pit ANY domesticated animals against one another to fight for their very survival. You ALL belong in prison for animal abuse.)

    Are you all just brain-dead cat-torturing morons? Or what?

    Oh wait, that's right. I forgot. If you don't have an endless supply of cats dying in the streets then how can you parade suffering and dead animals in the media for donations to line your own pockets.

    My mistake. Carry on.

    Guess who got all that money for the reward last time? You know, that $25,000 that they conned out of people by exploiting dead cats for "donations to the cause". It's not sitting in the bank-accounts of the donors for their house and car payments, you can be certain of that. An HSUS or SPCA board-member is ordering extra top-shelf drinks at the bar and lobster instead of steaks with it. You people all belong in prison for torturing cats to death for money.

    1. Do you ever consider yourself a moron? You should think about it.

  3. Note too: that nobody has offered that $25,000 reward money for the dead-cats-hung-in-trees (since the case has been closed) to help ANY cats. Tax-payers fork-out $15K, while those pretending to care about the lives of cats keep $25K.


    Are all of you really this phenomenally stupid and blind?


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