Wednesday 2 July 2014

Boston USA: Cats Required To Kill Rats

According to a recent Animal Planet article, Boston, USA has a huge rat population and is ranked runner-up to New York as the world's worst city for a rats. The rats have suddenly become visible. In one area, they have become noticed because of a certain ginger tabby cat called Linus who has been killing dozens of rats of late.  His human companion is Peggy Flattery.  And they live near the corner of Everett and Adamson Streets, which seems to be the hunting ground of Linus and he's having a field day.

There seems to be a need for more cats on the streets catching rats because the current rat problem has been tied to recent the development of vacant lots which appears to disturb the rat into making themselves visible causing concern amongst the authorities.

John Meany, the director of environmental services at the Inspectional Services informs us that the rat problem is a priority for the mayor.  He is concerned that property developers are not acting responsibly in ensuring that their sites are kept free of rats by treating them as if they were their homes.  He expects a higher standard from developers in the interests of public health.

Apparently, Boston's laws in respect of maintaining development sites are not strict enough with a maximum fine of about $300 a day, which I guess for a large developer is peanuts.

The solution is cats. Mr Meaney should have a chat with Linus's human companion, get some tips and then work out a strategy to place good quality rescue cats (with a pedigree of hunting skills!) at development sites to catch the rats.

However, no doubt, people will then start complaining about the nuisance caused by stray cats. However, if a development site was fenced off so that the cat or cats were confined to the site for a few days and provided the cats were well cared for during those few days we could reasonably expect the cat(s) to substantially reduce the number of rats at that location.  Let's put the rescue cats to good use like they were back in the mid 1800s (Maine Coon farm cats).

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