Can you overdose a cat on flea medication?

Can you overdose a cat on flea medication? Yes, is the short answer. Flea meds are poisonous. We are told to handle them with care yet we put it on our cat's skin. Does that strike you as strange?

It is also dangerous to interchange flea medication for cats and dogs. Never do it. It can kill the cat as can too much cat flea meds on a cat.

This page explains:
  1. Flea treatments can kill
  2. Dog flea treatments kill cats


  1. It's very simple to cause a cat harm with flea treatments. As written, they are poison.
    But, there is one brand of flea drops that can be administered as "off label" dog and save a fortune using it for cats.

    1. Dee can you tell us the brand?

    2. Yes, and I will divulge if you think it may not cause harm.
      I hesitate for fear that some people won't calculate the dosage correctlly.
      But, I can say that one extra large dog dose will treat 5 cats.

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