Monday 7 July 2014

Woman Burns Down Home, Saves Dogs, Cat Killed

The video will explain the details but in general terms it is a bust up between a woman and a man who appear to be unmarried but who were together, as a couple, for 15 years.  The man cheated on the woman.  They made up for a short while but then a bust up occurred on the phone and the woman warned her boyfriend that she would burn their home down.  In fact it appears to be an apartment block so I guess they owned or rented an apartment within this block.

Corrine - charged with arson.
The woman is Corrine Latraverse. The place is Rhode Island USA. Corrine got her 3 kids and 2 dogs out of the home before dousing it in gasoline and setting it on fire. The only creature killed in this incident is a cat which makes me very sad indeed, I have to say.

It is rather typical, though, I am afraid to say. I'm just wondering, however, if this cat belonged to this couple. I would doubt it because if the woman had time to remove her 2 dogs, surely she would have had time to also remove the cat from the apartment. As a result, I have to conclude that the cat belonged to somebody else. The whole block has been pulled down. I am presuming by the way that it is a block of apartments, a condominium in American language.

If by chance the cat did belong to this couple and if she did leave the cat behind, which is highly unlikely, I would be disgusted. Perhaps the cat belonged to him - her ex. boyfriend?

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