Saturday 26 July 2014

Choupette Lagerfeld's Cat is Not a Siamese

Choupette is described as a Siamese cat.  She is arguably the most spoilt cat in the world. Apparently, her blue eyes inspired Karl Lagerfeld (her owner) to use sapphire blue in his collections for Chanel.  The blue eyes of a Siamese cat should be sapphire blue.

However, the coat of the Siamese cat is described by the breed standard as as short, fine textured, glossy.  Lying close to body (Cat Fanciers' Association - CFA).

It is clear from the photographs of this darling flame pointed cat that her coat is too long and too dense and in fact too upright to be the coat of the Siamese cat. Her coat is more that of a Balinese cat which is the long-haired version of the Siamese cat.

The picture on this page clearly indicates the type of coat that this cat has and it is completely different to what the breed standard states. The Siamese cat coat is very silky and close lying to the body. This is noticeable and quite a feature of this popular cat breed.


  1. If that is a Siamese cat, then I am the Queen of Sheba and my cat is Indiana Jones.

    1. LOL. Agreed. Of course. The newspapers called Choupette a Siamese and it went from there.

  2. Choupette looks like a flame colorpoint ragdoll IMHO. I have a cream colorpoint ragdoll who looks very similar.

    1. Yes, thanks Denise. Lucky you for living with a cream point Ragdoll. I am envious ;)


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