Friday 25 July 2014

Fish Pets Cat Health Care Tips

If you are one of many thousands of people who has typed the above words into a Google search, I presume that you are looking for tips about general pet healthcare while focusing on fish and cats.  I don't know much about fish but I do know a lot about cats.

I also know that the most important aspect of pet healthcare and looking after a companion animal is the preparation that a person does before making the adoption.

The preparation is about ensuring that the person has sufficient knowledge about the companion animal they wish to adopt and, as importantly, sufficient funding to care for the companion animal throughout the life of the animal.  Abandonments should be ruled out.  Abandoning a companion animal to a shelter for example is obviously very bad for the health and welfare of that animal on a number of levels. Giving up on a pet through abandonment or relinquishment can end up with the death of that pet which is the worst kind of animal welfare.

I don't think enough people research what looking after cat entails before making the adoption.  The casual adoption of a domestic cat is the one which most often leads to a casual abandonment.  The committed and careful adopter is far more likely to look after their pet throughout the life of the pet.

If you want to find out about cats who can go to the main website.  It is full of pages about cat welfare.  Please consider things carefully.  There is a page on cat health facts which is written in a simplified style targeted at children but adults can read it to and I think it explains the point that I wish to make.

One of the greatest issues is the cost of looking after a pet.  It may surprise people to read that it can cost around $15,000 (USD) over the lifetime of a cat to look after her properly.  Do you have the projected funds to support that expense?

People who do not work out the cost before adopting are often the people most likely to resist taking their cat to a veterinarian.  This is counter to good cat welfare.  It is the exact opposite.  It causes a lot of suffering in a cat at least potentially.  A lot of cat owners spend a lot of time searching the Internet for answers about cat health.  Looking for a free service when to be honest the only way to ensure a cat is healthy is through good observation backed up by some cat health knowledge together with a willingness to take your cat to the veterinarian promptly when required.

What about fish?  Those who know, say that the most important thing to do before setting up your aquarium is to make sure that you are prepared.  Once again this is about ensuring that you have at least some sound, basic knowledge about caring for fish in an aquarium before embarking on the project.  It means making sure that you have all the equipment and the tools you need to set up the tank.  There are many websites which can assist a person.

One interesting aspect of this search term is that fish and cats are in the same term.  It may be inappropriate to keep both fish and cats as pets because for the obvious reason that fish are prey to a cat or a least potentially they are prey.

Even if the cat cannot get at the finish you are not sure whether the fish are going to feel anxious about the presence of a cat.  That may sound absurd to some people but scientists are gradually learning that fish have a higher intelligence than once thought.  They have decent memories for example.  How do you know they don't have emotions?  They may become stressed and anxious.  I would certainly research that subject.  Stress in any animal can seriously affect health.


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