Thursday 10 July 2014

Google Search Can't Tell The Difference between CAT and CAR

It seems extraordinary to me that Google's search engine cannot tell the difference between the word “cat" and the word “car".  The reason why I find it astonishing is that Google is a fantastic company, they have superb offices which are chock-a-block full of eggheads, geeks, highly ambitious people etc. etc..  I know, I have visited their three offices in London, UK. They must have hundreds of people with Ph.D.'s working on the algorithm that is the basis for the search engine and yet you get the following when you search for “photograph world's most expensive cat":

Google shares the search engine result spoils between cats and cars! All images are of super cars not super cats!

It is a bit depressing. When you search for "wild cats" you get a long list of American football teams ;) That is a different problem, I admit, but to mix up cats and cars is surprising to me.

As I say though, I love Google even if they did wreck my website about 3-4 years ago with an algorithm change labelled "Panda".

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