Saturday 5 July 2014

Don Sphynx Cat Died in House Fire

This well-known tattoo artist talks about her Don Sphynx hairless cat. This must have been before 23rd November 2010 because her house burnt down with Ludwig inside.
"R.I.P. My little Valentine," the tattoo artist tweeted, together with a picture of her Don Sphynx, "My house burned down last night with my cat inside," she added. 
Is it normal to tweet this sort of thing? Why didn't the cat escape? Strange story. She planned to tattoo her cat. You have to put the cat under a general anaesthetic to do that. One Sphynx was under for three hours. There are dangers. A percentage of cats die under general anaesthetic (about 1/400 on my assessment). It can't be right to do that. Cat as entertainer comes to mind.

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