Saturday 14 February 2009

Stupid Cat Videos

These are educated stupid cat videos! What the hell is that? Well you've heard of the thinking mans crumpet. These are the thinking mans stupid cat videos. Well not exactly. The first one is so typical of cats that there is no doubt that the artist either keeps cats or knows someone who does. The pause before the cat comes in after spending all that time trying to get in is absolutely typical of my cat!

My cat also likes to knock on the cat flap and be let in rather than going through the flap. Here she is. This second one is not a stupid cat video but a smart cat video. She has figured out a way of getting in the easy way. It is more stupid human (me) video for always obliging.

I can highly recommend Simon's Cats, probably the best on YouTube because they portray the domestic as she truly is. And it is the human who is stupid. OK the next one is cute, fun and kinda sad all at the same time. The kitten wants to play with the older cat who is not that interested:

This next one is great to:

Cats do like to get into things, to nose around things but this boy is just like a circus act. He is almost doing it to entertain us! Cats are not actually being stupid. It's more carelessness born out of recklessness or unforeseen problems....! Yeh, stupid.

Stupid Cat Videos to YouTube broadsurf channel

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