Sunday 15 February 2009

Remote Control Cat Toy

This is a remote control cat toy that satisfies us and our cats at the same time. You won't get better, will you? But be careful, please. That said this toy looks pretty safe. It can be a bit boring after a while playing with our cats. Yes, it's fun but after a while it gets tougher (for both cat and human!) that is why the automatic toys are popular. But a cat needs to chase down a toy and catch it, in a game. The laser toys that project a light on the wall don't do that and frustrate the cat, which is why they are not recommended by some animal psychologists. Lets not forget that cat play is a substitute for hunting so we should let 'em hunt and catch (but not destroy!) a remote controlled indoor helicopter -- the ultimate remote control cat toy for human and cat. Here it is:

And this cute all white cat is an Exotic Shorthair cat, which is a shorthaired Persian cat no less. All white cats can be deaf (see deaf cat) and they can also be odd-eyed cats to boot. It's all happening.

Some more of the deaf cat

From Remote Control Cat Toy to Oriental Shorthair cat.

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