Sunday 8 February 2009

Men Who Dislike Cats Are Jerks

Is it true that men who dislike cats are jerks? Absolutely not. A person has an opinion and any person can dislike anything. It might, though, be fair to ask why a person dislikes cats because often it will be based on misinformation or being fed incorrect information. In other words re-education and pleasant experiences with a cat will change the person's view, most likely.

jerk parking cat badly
The person who parked this car behaved like a jerk!! - sorry. Maybe we are all capable of being jerks sometimes. Photo by kpishdadi

That said, as women prefer cats to dogs and are therefore more likely to keep a cat these women might think that men who dislike cats are jerks. Some people might argue that men who like cats are more aware and sensitive to other people's feelings and therefore better partners. Some women might argue that. This would give a man who liked cats an edge over men who didn't like cats in the courting game.

Some men who dislike cats will be jerks and men who hate cats are definitely jerks and some of them worse than jerks (see i hate cats). Do real men own cats?

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