Saturday 14 February 2009

Canadian Lynx Kittens

I think that people searching to buy Canadian Lynx Kittens should remember some of the pointers below first. It seems that there is a completely different culture in the United States to "owning" small to medium wild cats as pets. You just don't read about it or see it in the UK or Europe. I am sure that there are people in Europe, including the UK, who keep wild cats as pets but they are very rare, in my experience.

Yet in the USA it is almost as if the smaller wild cats are treated or perceived as domestic cats (or have the potential to be domestic cats). And they truly are not domestic cats. Their behavior is of a wild cat despite being tamed and domesticated to a degree. And there are legal issues and environmental issues to think about. Are they kept in cages? Is there an enclosure? How big are they? Are the cats able to behave naturally in these spaces. We owe it to the cats that they can behave as naturally as possible. And are we unsure of these cats such that we declaw them? Are we creating customized cats when we declaw (like customized cars)? And if so is this fair or moral? Yes, tons of questions.

Canadian Lynx kitten
Canadian Lynx kitten - Chloe - Montana - photo by Murmurmel

Personally, I am against keeping wild cats as companion animals. But that is just my opinion. When people decide to keep a Serval, Bobcat or Lynx are they fully taking into consideration the feelings and well being of the cat or they being a little selfish and acting on their desire to "own" a fine looking animal in the same way they would like to own a fine looking car or other object?

Canadian Lynx kitten
Canadian Lynx kitten - Photo by Bernard Landgraf.

Here are quotes from people who keep small/medium wildcats as companion animals:

"The lynx is a little larger than the serval and bobcat. The bobs spray a lot more than servals even when fixed. My servals mark the perimeter of the enclosure five times daily. The bobs mark all day including spayed females."

"I have 3 servals, 2 bobcats and one lynx. The servals are very vocal. They head butt hard (watch out). The lynx is very independent indeed. She will interact on her terms. She only allows me to handle her. In my opinion if you're choosing between the serval and a Canadian lynx kitten I'd go for the serval as they make better companions almost becoming and behaving like domestic cats. They use the litter pretty much normally and get on with the other pets. One important thing. I declawed my first 4 wildcats. I wouldn't do it again. My first bob lost his eyesight (he got it back kinda). There is no need for it as my cats have never scratched me."

Check for legalities. This article on the Serval may help. Please read it.

Canadian Lynx Kittens to Canadian Lynx - is the IUCN Red List assessment correct?

Canadian Lynx Kittens -- Top Photo:


  1. I'm VERY glad that these cats are being well taken care of, but I just think it is immoral to keep a wild cat in a pen, even if you know how to take care of it. God made them to be free creatures, and free creatures they should remain, unless they are in need of veterinary care or to replentish the species.

  2. Fully agree with you. Humans get it wrong all the time.

  3. lol thats the dumbest thing I ever heard, Every animale was a wild animale at one point in time. ALL animales domestic or not still have that "animale" instinks in them.... Why do ppl tell lil kids not to run up && pet just any dog?? Because dog's are still animal's && unpredictable!!! Normale house cat's attact ppl!! It dosnt matter how long animales have been domestic for... their still animales && will always be, dosnt matter if their normale house cat's or a larger breed of cat. I have yet to see someone complaine about lockin a rottie up in a cage or removin their due claws && dockin their tail..... How many ppl own a rottie && ever let them go hearding?!?! You wanna see a rottie in heaven, take them hearding!! It's in their blood, it comes naturally to them! I would love to get a Ocelot, Serval or Canadian Lynx!!!!

  4. Response to last comment. You are uneducated and foolish. Get an education. The world is full of people like you and the world is worse for it.

  5. All animals are animals. They are have wild sides even if they don't show it. Its true that many people have abused the ability to own exotic animals but that doesn't mean animals can't be tamed. If there were enough Ocelots to go around i wish they would replace domestic cats.

  6. Taking an animal from its natural environment and keeping it in an enclosed area (not including zoos or properly made enclosures) is wrong but raising one from near birth in captivity is not a bad thing. The problem comes when you change the animals lifestyle from what it was raised in.

    The main thing to worry about, IMO, would be how easy it is to handle the animal in question. For example, I would love to raise a Lynx or Bobcat from a kitten to an adult but I would never dream of keeping something like a tiger or lion.

    But either way, if the environment you are keeping the animal in is the only one it knows then it will live happily as long as it's basic needs are met (and them some if possible). And no, small enclosures, abuse, and emotional neglect do NOT meet their basic needs.

  7. I agree with the last comment, every animal was once a wild animal. Introducing a species into a domestic environment can be a lot of work but can be rewarding especially when having to save an endangered species. I do however do agree that some animals it can be seen as torture when a wild animal is introduced to a pen, but lets remember that this happens to animals that are found in the wild that need medical care , how do you think zoo animals came to be in zoos for our entertainment, they were wild animals that are either endangered or injured and now they are locked up. everyone has a right to an opinion but unless you are educated on the subject do not express your opinion in such a way to degrade someone else.

    Dogs, cats, snakes, reptiles and aquatic animals were all once wild and we now enjoy them as family companions, are you telling me that's cruel? No they were specifically breed to be domestic animals. What is cruel are certain breeds who breed purebred animals. When receiving a purebred dog for example it is inbred, you had to concentrate the breed by inbreeding it to get it at the "pure" stage. animals that are pure bred also are prone to more health problems.

  8. Just one can take the animal out of the wild,, but you dam straight can't the the wild out of that animal! PERIOD.


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