Monday 23 February 2009

How Fast are Eurasian Lynx?

How fast are Eurasian lynx? The domestic cat can run at a top speed of about 30 mph. The lion can run at 40 mph over a short distance. The cheetah is the fastest as we know at about a top speed of 64 mph over a short distance - see Cheetah Speed to see why this figure is not the usual 70 mph.

Picture in the public domain.

The Eurasian lynx is a great jumper with powerful legs. Her size is more than 5 times (at about 60 lbs - male) that of the domestic cat (about 7-11 lbs). I can't find an actual figure (at the time of posting which is 2009) but my guess is that this cat can run at about 35-40 mph top speed for a relatively short distance. Wikipedia say this cat is not very fast but that is relative. 

One site says 'up to 50 mph'. Note the 'up to'. I think they support my assessment.

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