Sunday 1 February 2009

Cat Lovers Should Support HSUS

cats in China
GuangZhou city(廣州), GuangDong, China - photo by *LJ*. GuangZhou is the world capital for cat cruelty. These cats are dead. They were doomed.

Cat lovers should support HSUS because what they are proposing in their CHANGE AGENDA FOR ANIMALS can only benefit cats and as far as I can see it will not have a negative impact on good and proper cat breeders or cat keepers (people who keep or "own" cats). Yes, the proposals affect bad cat breeders (and dog breeders) but that helps the careful and caring ones. There is a proposal that "all dog and cat breeders to comply with AWA requirements". AWA stands for Animal Welfare Act. Why should cat breeders object to the legislation set out in an act of government. Lets remind ourselves that government should reflect the peoples' opinions. How can people who care about cats object to these carefully prepared proposals presented to the new administration under President Obama?

For example (and this is one of many examples), the HSUS proposals ask that the government "encourage more humane practices in China, where dogs and cats are rounded up and brutally killed for their meat and fur" (apologies for quoting that but I hope HSUS accept that - see cat meat name and shame). Cats are shipped to GuangZhou city or taken from the streets of the city to be caged, brutally half killed (to preserve freshness) and cooked. Yes, for some of us this is sick for the peope who don't find that sick, you are sick. How can anyone be against that, never mind people who care about cats? There are many other examples where HSUS makes correct and carefully considered decisions. Yet I read on the Internet people talking about the proposals eroding the "property rights" of people. Come on. Please get real. There should be no infringement of the rights of humans in these proposals. If someone or, more particularly, some business, loses some form of rights or privileges it will be because they are abusing the natural rights of animals in contradiction of a proper and natural order in the world. Yes, businesses that abuse animals will object.

An example is Class B Dealers who round up and acquire pet animals from various sources to sell for animal testing. How base is that? The animals concerned suffer at both ends of that process. No one, except the businesses, should object and the businesses should stop this trade in any event. Sure, where business is affected negatively there is a likelihood of even more unemployment. This will no doubt be a major factor in deciding if the HSUS proposals should be supported by the government. But eventually these changes will be implemented as it is part of the gradual evolution, not of cats, but of the government of the human race. Cat lovers should support HSUS now and businesses who turn a profit on the back of vulnerable animals should adapt to a new order.

Cat Lovers Should Support HSUS to Cats and the Law

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