Thursday 5 February 2009

Fixing Cats is Morally Wrong

"Fixing Cats" is Morally Wrong. Fixing cats means spaying and neutering cats. Some people are against it and some for it. Some people think that we should leave the natural world alone and let it evolve in accordance to God's will. If you think that then neutering is bad a wrong.

My view, for what it is worth is this. Ideally we shouldn't neuter cats. We are in a sense playing God. We are assaulting a cat to use a legal term. The trouble is we cannot do what is ideal because we screwed up and don't live in an ideal world. We really reneged on the cat-human domestication agreement. Cats wanted to be domesticated and we wanted it too. The arrangement benefited both parties. Sadly, the arrangement was so beneficial for cats that their population grew to the point where, due to careless human ownership, there were large numbers of unwanted domestic cats. We should have done better as a cat only acts instinctively. It was beholden upon us to ensure that the arrangement of domestication worked and we took our eye off the ball.

This resulted in many unwanted domestic cats being killed by us to keep the numbers down. Because of the mess of the situation that we find ourselves in (or put ourselves in) we now need to take unwanted steps to control things. This includes neutering cats. Under these extreme conditions it is incorrect to sat that "Fixing Cats" is Morally Wrong. It is morally right to fix cats as it results in overall less suffering in the cat population as a whole.
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