Wednesday 4 February 2009

Cat Cam

I've just seen the cat cam. Is it a good idea? We would like to know. My first impression is that it is a very good idea. There is the live record mode where a signal is sent back to your computer via a broadband connection (I think) and a stills mode in which a sequence of still photographs are taken by the camera and you then download the images in the usual way from the camera.

The live cam mode seems to be in development, while you can buy the stills camera for a modest price (about $50). The camera is worn around the cat's collar. So, what do I think? Good and not so good. Great idea to see what a cat sees and where he or she goes etc. I could do with one for a stray cat I feed. I'd love to see what he got up to . But wait a minute. What if he visited more than one home for food as he probably does. Isn't the cat cam going to be stolen? Or what if he climbs a tree as he does and the collar gets trapped? Dangerous, I'd say. Not that dangerous, I'd admit but there is an element of danger about the cat cam. It is not that small after all and it may take a little while for a cat to get used to it.

Conclusion: I was considering buying one but on balance I don't think I will on the basis of the health risk, the quality of images that can be obtained (the camera of course cannot be positioned accurately) and the potential for it to be lost (torn off) or stolen.

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