Monday 16 February 2009

Ten Reasons Why Cats are Better than Men

Here are Ten Reasons Why Cats are Better than Men:
  1. If they get too horny, you can have them neutered!
  2. Cats never tell you your butt looks big in that dress!
  3. Cats are cleaner, smell better and never leave their shoes in the middle of the floor for you to trip on!
  4. Chances are, your cat won't have a mid life crisis and run out and buy a sports car!
  5. Your cat will never leave you for a cat 20 years younger than you!
  6. Cats don't care how you look in the morning and will kiss you even when you have bad breath!
  7. Your cat will never make you sit through a boring football game while he gets drunk with his friends!
  8. If you put on 10 lbs, your cat won't care!
  9. Your cat won't care if you have another cat on the side!
  10. They take up less room in the bed and rarely steal your blanket!
Ten Reasons Why Cats are Better than Men? The first one will do!

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