Tuesday 24 February 2009

Anger and Cat Cruelty

Anger and cat cruelty go hand in hand and drink and drugs as well, maybe. Cats are vulnerable. Cat cruelty is a form of cowardly bullying and more. It is akin to child cruelty. We see a far bit of child cruelty. Children are as vulnerable as the domestic cat, even more so, in fact.

People, often men, who are not able to manage themselves or their lives well enough (and I am not being critical of that as we all have our moments) can become angry. They might drink to alleviate the distress and the anger resurfaces and wants to strike out at something, almost anything within range. On this instance a young man in Victoria, BC, Canada, punched his girlfriend's cat repeatedly in the head causing fractures. The reason he did this? Because the cat wouldn't listen. I guess people don't listen to him. Not surprising, I suppose. This is where Victoria is:

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The person concerned has been charged with animal cruelty. In Canada in the state of British Columbia (BC) if convicted for animal cruelty he can expect to receive a sentence of $10,000, a maximum jail term of up to five years plus a ban on keeping animals. See Cat Animal Cruelty Laws Canada. The cat survived as is recuperating it seems. What about the psychological damage too? Maltreated cats become fearful.

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