Wednesday 11 February 2009

Cats are Equal to Humans

Cats are equal to humans. Sounds odd? Do people think about that? I believe it and I believe that all animals are equal to each other. Sure, some animals are more able to survive than other animals and human kind is the top survivor and top predator but cats also survive very well indeed. There are an estimated 500 million cats on the planet. We could and should live in better harmony with them. I made this slightly quirky (deliberately) video on the issue of cat and human equality:

This is a monologue on the subject using some basic ideas! Some might say very basic. The person talking is me. In a YouTube video we can only cover a few thoughts as it must short. Incidentally the quality is a little poor (of me not the stills photographs), because for convenience (and it is very, very convenient!), I used the computers webcam. This is a blessing on a practical level and it produces a file that it compatible with MSN Movie Maker (wow!).

Lots of people live in harmony with cats, the domestic cat, but many people don't and the domestic cat has a hard time of it, sometimes. If we all thought that cats are equal to humans and all animals had the same inherent rights there would be no animal cruelty. It would also probably benefit other humans as it would indicate a sea change in respect for others, whether they are the human animal or animals.

One last thought on the subject of cats are equal to humans. I say in the video that humans are able to think more rationally and logically than cats. That is debatable actually, when we consider the unholy messes we get into over the most ridiculous things.

Cats are equal to humans to Three Stray Cats

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