Saturday 7 February 2009

Part-time Cat Breeders

Is it fair to say that there are too many part-time cat breeders? And the same question needs to be asked in relation to dog breeders to. It seems to me that it is very easy for people who love animals and who want to make a few extra bucks or pounds to do a bit of part-time breeding. Hell, we can combine fun, mothering and cash all in one go. What could be better?

Sometimes almost anything else can be better because it is argued and the evidence supports the view that there are too many domestic cats and dogs. Although some people argue the opposite, surprisingly (see Solutions to Cat Overpopulation). It seems that some cat lovers who become part-time cat breeders don't love their cats enough to not breed them. I can sympathize in that we all need to survive especially in difficult times but I don't think cat breeding is the answer. Firstly there isn't any or much money in it unless you are the very top of the tree and of course we are dealing with live creatures with feelings and health issues.

A good point that
Mary Sneddon makes when writing for the Lebanon Daily News about dog breeding (the same principles obviously apply) is that sometimes dog breeders seek to give away their breeding dogs after they have given faithful service to the breeder. She calls this being kicked to the curb. I can see the point. It is very commercial and behavior that does not support the view that cat or doog breeders necessarily love animals. It is a contest between a love of animals and making a buck and the latter will nearly always win that one and when it does the animal being bred will suffer in some way no matter how small because perfect animal care is non-profitable. There are probably too many part-time cat breeders. This is not to say that some are very caring and sensible however.

Part-time Cat Breeders to Different Cat Breeds


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