Wednesday 25 February 2009

Cats Are Not Truthful

There is an animal whisperer in America (Bill Northern) who says he can talk animals, all animals. He says that cats are not truthful and he prefers to talk to dogs who are, if anything too polite and try and say things we want to hear. There may just be a tiny bit of truth in this but I have never heard my cat lie and believe me I know how to talk to a cat. How do we talk to a cat?

Simple: by being very close, emotionally, to our cats we can sense when our cat asks or needs something and we should know what by previous routines etc. Even the tone of voice will say a lot. That and the direction she is moving in etc. It is more about habits, routines and history that give us the information that our cat is trying to give us. Above all an emotional closeness is essential.

But what about a cat lying? Do cats have the guile to lie? I doubt it. They are too straight forward and innocent. Dogs are pack animals and might be too willing to do as we please, which might give the impression of being too polite. Cats being more independent with their passive expression might give the impression of being untrustworthy. But cats are as trustworthy as dogs. Some people who hate cats think that cats sneer but that face she pulls is her breathing in odors onto a special gland inside her mouth - Jacobson's Organ. (see cat anatomy).

After living closely with a cat for the life of a cat one can communicate effortlessly with her. It is as efficient and as complete a communication as speaking with a fellow human. You don't even think about it, it just happens. And as I said I disagree that cats are not truthful. In any case we cannot generalize. If it could be argued that cats are fibbers it could not apply to all cats, that would be rascist!

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