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Bill the cat cartoon is the star of the comic strip "Bloom County". Bill is a flea ridden orange cat (see a real orange cat - Orange Persian Cat) that was introduced into the comic strip by Milo Bloom. Milo had seen a popular trend for cartoon cats and thought, it seems, that it would be a good idea to introduce one. Milo described Bill the cartoon cat as being "raised in the green gentle hills of Dubuque, Iowa".

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Seeking fame Bill left his home and went to the Big Apple, New York. He was turned down by a number of high profile comic strips but accepted by Bloom County where he became wealthy. His fame got the better of him reducing him to a drug taking wreck but he was saved by friends.

Opus the Penguin is also a star of Bloom County. It seems that Bill was involved in a car accident, on the famous route 66 in a ferrari, in which he was killed, DNA recovered from his tongue and then recreated to then run for president of the United States -- what a star. Bill the cartoon cat also ran off to be a Rajaneeshee culturist in Oregon. He called himself, Bhagwan Bill! This was the time I guess when such movements were popular.

Eventually Bill became a Republican upsetting his democratic friends. In the comic strip Bill consistently choaked in his hairballs. His dialogue being reduced to "Ack, ack, ack". He starred in a film called: Orangestoke: The Legend of Bill, Lord of the Monkeys and Terms of Bills Endearment and a slasher flick.

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