Tuesday 24 February 2009

They Said They Wanted Their Cat Back

A couple gave up their cat to a local rescue center and changed their minds. They said they wanted their cat back. Should the cat be given back without question? The matter concerns a couple in Orkney. Orkney is north east of the Scottish mainland:-

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The couple had decided on re-homing their cat after the wife was unable to get out due to illness. The wife might be confined to a bed for some time, the husband said. This was the reason given for giving up their cat. The rescue center, Cats Protection, refused and asked for the couple to apply with others. Are they right?

Absolutely yes. The couple said that they hoped commonsense would prevail and the cat returned. Yet, I see more commonsense in the Cats Protection for not just returning the cat. Although I don't have all the facts, on the face of it, the reason given (if it is as stated) is not really inadequate. The man's wife "might be confined to bed". What does he do? Can he care adequately for the cat on his own until the wife recovers, if at all? Do they show signs of adequate commitment? Is there someone else in the area who is better qualified to care for the cat.

These are all decent questions and the rescue center presumably asked something similar and decided to receive all applications before releasing the cat. They were, in short, thinking exclusively about the cat in their decision making. Good on them. The couple said that they wanted their cat back but that indicates a slightly careless attitude, to me, in relation to cat keeping.

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