Saturday 14 February 2009

Domestic Animal Rights

Domestic animal rights are enshrined in animal protection laws in countries that have animal protection laws. The problem is that a lot of countries don't have animal protection laws and those that do have difficulty enforcing the law effectively.

You can see the animal protection laws of a number of countries on this page: Cat and the Law. There is an international declaration of animal rights but it currently means little: Universal Declaration of Animal Rights.

It is worth reminding ourselves that there are many countries where there are inadequate or no human rights laws so it cannot be expected that there will be domestic animal rights throughout the world, far from it, in fact. We (the human) are simply not that far advanced as a species.

In some countries there is a flagrant abuse of domestic animals and cats. One example is those countries that do nothing about stopping the cat meat market (areas of China -see cat meat name and shame). In tandem, these countries also abuse the natural rights of wild animals and particularly (for me) the wild cats (see Bengal tiger facts as just one example).

The relationship between human and cat has gone slightly astray to the detriment of domestic animal rights. This is because the human has become too powerful on the planet. We are the top predator and we generally act to the detriment of other animals while serving our own interests.

You will find domestic animal rights in the law. The rights will not be stated but the law will be based on those rights and reflect the rights by establishing a system to protect them. All laws though are faulty to varying degrees so the protection of domestic animals is partial at best.

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