Sunday 8 February 2009

Do Real Men Own Cats?

Do Real Men Own Cats? Who and what are "Real Men". You've got the ask the second question before the first. Dr. Jon ( asked the first and most of the answers seem to have come from women who naturally preferred men who liked cats (if the woman kept a cat!).

man and cat
Photo by runningtwig

I think the question about real men owning cats implies that real men are the stereotypical men we see in films. These, though are fictional men. We do sometimes tend to get the two mixed up. This is why there are film stars. People worship film stars thinking that the actor is the person they play in the film. Obviously he is not.

A real man is someone with all the normal human characteristics of the male of the species but in balance. In other words he can be strong physically and mentally and, yes, weak also. He can be soft and hard. There are a wide range of behavioral traits at play. The same goes for women. Men who like to think of themselves as alpha male or those that are more alpha male will tend to prefer dogs because they are pack animals and alpha males like to lead the pack. But a real man who is alpha should be able to like cats too, as it would indicate a rounded and balanced character.

In answer then to the question, "Do Real Men Own Cats?" it must be a Yes, as real men are just that, real, with all that reality imparts to a person, strengths, weaknesses, tenderness, hardness, happiness and sadness. Such a person should see the beauty in the naturalness of our beloved domestic cat.

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