Monday 16 February 2009

How To Make Cat Toys

Cats love to be in or through or trapped by and playing with BOXES - photo by kingfal

Cats often prefer simple homemade toys. How To Make Cat Toys? Well as cats are unaware of the fact that you spent a fortune on a fancy cat toy and unaware of your upset when they casually ignore it; it is worth reminding ourselves that cat toys can be pretty basic and yet be highly effective. Cats do like to prod things with their paws, preferably through holes. This is hunting instinct behavior for a cat. Cat play generally is a form of training for hunting, perfecting hunting skills. Cats also like to jump into boxes and some cats do this to an extraordinary degree and with great style (see this video for example - Stupid Cat Videos).

So, here is a video about making a cat toy out of a humble box:

Zak Scott goes one step further. He uses his cats fur to make a cat toy and in doing so it is double pleasure for his cat. First the grooming is highly pleasurable and then the fur is made into a cat toy so there's more pleasure on the way. Now if only Zak could get his cat to actually make the toy as well? Here's the video:

Cats will play on their own for a while. How long depends on the cat, of course. But our involvement is always welcome as we can create a stimulus that mimics prey for our little treasures to hunt and destroy. I use a simple cat tease. They cost a dollar. These invariably work but our cat has got to catch it sometimes. In another post I talked about a remote control cat toy that pleases both the human (if you like model helicopters!) and the cat, see it here: Remote Control Cat Toy. And finally here are the thoughts of someone else on homemade cat toys. Thats how to make cat toys.

Photo published under creative commons license:

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