Friday 13 February 2009

Men Should Be Gentle With Cats

Man and cat - photo by red_george - creative commons complied with.

This is a short post on how men, who like cats, should treat cats. Cats are very sensitive creatures. Men should be gentle with cats. Their senses are generally heightened. It is known that they have a well developed sensed of smell, hearing and night vision. It goes further in my view (based on personal experience) . We (men) have a tendency to be too tough with gentle creatures. This comes naturally to us because in acting naturally we forget that other animals will take our actions as fierce or too strong and therefore as uncomfortable, at the least.

With the domestic cat, I constantly remind myself that I should be more gentle in talking to him/her, or stroking her. Indeed, in every facet of our interaction with our cats we should try and remember that cats have great senses.

I would therefore, ask all men to treat cats gently and I would suggest that as a result, your relationship with your cat will improve. Your girlfriend or wife will be terribly impressed too. Double whammy, I'd say.

Men Should Be Gentle With Cats to Cat Facts

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