Friday 31 October 2008

Cat (Siamese) and Ferret - they love each other - photo by _schadenfreude has been around for ages and never filled its potential. How can I say that? The domain name is impossible to buy now. It's been impossible to buy for a long time. Yet is Alexa ranked 400,000. With a domain name like that and the time the site has been on the internet the Alexa ranking should be much better. Alexa is an company that measures traffic to a website.

I'd expect the domain name to be worth lots more than the website. People search for the website. I guess that they do this to look at cat breeds and find information about cats.

Well, if I say it myself and I will, Pictures of is much better. The photographs are by Helmi Flick and the best amateur photographs of cats in the world and the facts are very carefully researched. The facts are not regurgitated "facts" but real information carefully thought out. And if you disagree you can tell me by leaving a comment. That will be fine. I am open to criticism. And the Alexa ranking of Pictures of is 116,000 at Oct 2008. The lower the number the better the site by the way. is number 1.

Sure, things could and will change. But should do better and probably will after this post! One last thing. All the money made at Pictures of goes to cat charities and it made over $700 dollars in October 2008 on adsense alone. to Pictures of cats home page

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