Thursday 9 October 2008

Javanese cat

Here is a beautiful Javanese cat (a classy purebred show cat) photographed by Helmi Flick, the best cat photographer. Great color. And a fantastic plumed tail.

Javanese cat
Photo of Javanese cat copyright Helmi Flick

The Javanese cat is a long haired relation of the Siamese cat. I would describe the cat as a long haired relation of the Modern Siamese cat. There is a difference: see Siamese cat history.

The cat was developed in the United States by selective breeding of Siamese cat offspring that had long hair. There is no connection with Java.

The genotype can be written as: cscsll. The letters cscs indicate the Siamese allele in homozygous form. ll represents the long haired gene in homozygous form.

The body is athletic and elegant and the coat is easy maintenance, silky and very glamorous especially with that long haired (plumed) shaded tail.

Javanese cat to Balinese cat - the Balinese cat is a relation as this breed is also a longhaired "Modern Siamese" but with less coat color combinations than the Javanese cat.

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