Thursday 9 October 2008

UK Suburban cat breeding

UK Suburban cat breeding is not viable it seems if the breeder has to put up large enclosures. A cat breeder who changed his name to "Catt" and who was/is breeding Bengal and Savannah cats (there aren't many in the UK) has lost a planning application case and had large 10 meter (30 feet) by 8.5 meter enclosures pulled down by the local authority.

Mr Catt lives in Finchley, North London. He sensibly (for the cats) put up large enclosures but this is straightforward suburbia, quite a heavily built up area with neighbors close by. The neighbors complained and he proceeded without planning permission. That was risky and foolish particularly as the enclosures were large.

He may lose his house as the council have put a legal charge against it to recover legal costs which Mr Catt has failed to pay under the court order.

Moral: get planning permission and think very hard if you are to begin cat breeding in a built up suburban area. The cats will have to be indoor cats, which is less good for the cats. Breeders often keep breeding cats in cages as they spray. I am not sure UK Suburban cat breeding is viable.

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