Cats struggle in uncivilized world

Briefly - a recent story from indicates to me that cats struggle in an uncivilized world. Animal control investigators who were called to investigate alleged animal abuse stumbled upon a home in which there were several dead cats, dozens living in appalling conditions and explosives (war memorabilia).

The owners of the property were "evaluated" and released withour charge. This kind of story is very commonly reported in the press. What kind of people are these people? They must be people who have great difficulty in coping. I would have thought that the cats were not neutered (see neutering cats) and things just drifted aimlessly. They must have been on some sort of financial benefits.

I am not criticising the people in fact. It is very human but a different side of life than the one we normally think exists. But the truth is it exists a lot. Cats struggle in an uncivilized world.

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