Your Partner has a dog you have a cat

If your Partner has a dog you have a cat and you want to live together and his dogs don't like cats.....what do you do?

No easy answer really. The things you can't do if your Partner has a dog you have a cat is get rid of either the dog or cat. This means that the dog and cat have to either (a) be separated when you live together (next to impossible) or (b) learn to live together.

Cats and dogs should be socialized when they are young. This will allow them to get along. See this page showing the beautiful harmony that we aspire to.

As it is almost impossible to separate a dog and a cat in the same household and anyway it will probably be a source of arguments and aggravation, I'd suggest some sort of training for the dog and cat. You might need some expert help, which will cost but the relationship is at stake.

You might try cat clicker training. Hell try anything. Dogs (and in fact cats) can be trained and I feel that even tough late in the day it should be possible to train them to accept each other.

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