Servals for sale

Before looking for Servals for sale I'd think about the underlying issues, which are discussed on this page: Serval cats (this deals with the cat in the wild and some domestic cat issues including legal issues).

You can read more and see more photographs on the Serval cat on this page: Serval (this page deals with the cat as a domestic cat with some great Helmi Flick photographs, which I guarantee that you will love.

Servals for sale are rare and the first thing to think about are the legalities of owning/keeping what is a medium sized wild cat from Africa.

Here is a Serval breeder who has contributed to this website with this page: - this page will interest prospective adopters as well.

Servals for sale to Home page

Photo by loochie - published under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs creative commons License


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