Cat bite symptoms

Cat bite symptoms can be due to contracting cat scratch fever. These are the symptoms:

Some 7 to 20 days after being bitten or scratched the person feels like they have real flu, with a fever, sweating and aching joints etc. However the symptoms can be mild or severe.

In about 50% of cases the area around the bite or scratch swells (see photo below but this may be a mild case - click on the link below to see this). The whole limb (if bitten, as is likely, on a limb) can swell up and the lymph nodes nearest to the bite/scratch become swollen and tender (on the arm these are at the armpit).

Cat scratch fever can last a long time, about 2 months, so it is quite serious.

This is taken from the webpage below:

To see and read more about possible cat bite symptoms, please see: Cat Scratch Fever

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