Wednesday 22 October 2008

Big cat sightings

This is the first in a diary of big cat sightings. Every time I read about a big cat sighting I'll list it in brief in a posting plus a Google map. Over time this should present some sort of pattern in terms of location and type of cat sighted.

This one concerns a person who heard a big cat growl near Balcombe (Paddockhurst Road). Other people claimed to have seen the big cat. The cat was claimed to be like a ginger tom cat but three times the size. What does that conjure up? A cat 3 times the size of a domestic cat cannot be a big cat but a medium sized wild cat at best. Servals are about 3 times the size of domestic cats and they are tamed to be domestic cats. They do not look like domestic cats though; far more slender and "rangy" looking. Fast runners and high jumpers with long limbs and large ears. Other medium sized wildcats are the Ocelot, Fishing cat and American Bobcat but I am not sure that these cat growl like big cats. They make noises more like domestic cats.

Balcombe is in Sussex and is here:

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Big cat sightings in Sussex are not that uncommon. This is the latest.

Big cat sightings to Cheetah Habitat

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