Tuesday 14 October 2008

Some cat breeds are predisposed to Patellar Luxation

Some cat breeds are predisposed to Patellar Luxation. You can see a list of cat breeds that are predisposed to this disease and other diseases. In a survey of Californian Abyssinian cats, 26 out of 69 (38%) had patellas that could be dislocated. For other cat breeds the figure stood at 1.2% for the same condition.

Although some cat breeds are predisposed to Patellar Luxation, so is the non-pedigree mixed breed shorthaired cat. (src: Wikipedia®)

What is Patellar luxation? It is a condition in which the knee cat (the patella) either moves out of position or dislocates. The knee cap slides to the inside of the leg. It should stay in a grove and remain at the front. The symptoms can be mild and include lameness, a lack of desire to jump and a locking of the joint. Cats with the disease tend to bear weight on the affected leg, have a crouched stance and are bowlegged.

The condition occurs in dogs and humans too. Patellar luxation can occur with hip dysplasia.

Source: Medical, Genetic and Behavioral Aspects of Purebred Cats edited by Ross D. Clark DVM

Some cat breeds are predisposed to Patellar Luxation to British Shorthair cat

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