Wednesday 22 October 2008

Cat ear furnishings

See some gorgeous cat ear furnishings on a beautiful doll face traditional Persian cat photographed beautifully by a great cat photographer, Dani Rozeboom. These are the best I have seen that come out of the ear. Ear tufts are also ear furnishings that are on the ear flap. The best tufts are on Miss Kate, miss glamor puss, a fantastic Maine Coon CFA champion. See Miss Kate.

Cat ear furnishings, in case the term is new to you, is a cat fancy term that refers to ear hair, the stuff we as humans trim off and on cats we usually rave about. See another fine traditional Persian cat. Click here to see a slide show of traditional Persian cats.

The cat's name is Tuala. She is a Red silver shaded classic tabby. Classic tabby is blotched rather than spotted tabby - see cat coats tabby. She was born on May 26th 2008.

Photo is copyright Daniƫlle Rozeboom. Dani runs cattery Yeri Shaes in Almere, The Netherlands. The Netherlands is a nice country. The people speak good English. There is lots of water!

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