Saturday 18 October 2008

Worlds fattest cat

I'm going to be a real kill joy and ask, "what is so interesting about the worlds fattest cat"? This is a cat weighing almost 41 pounds. He is ginger cat. He is actually quite mobile. He can run up the stairs for example. But he is grossly overweight. I presume that this is because he has been overfeed by the person with whom he lives. What is so interesting about that? I would have thought that there would have been some shame not an acceptance or a desire to show off a cat that has been overfeed.

This cat must have health problems. It is like doing anything for 15 mins of fame. The guy who shot John Lennon wanted to "be somebody". Well he is but at what price and such a cheap way to be somebody. The same goes for overfeeding a cat. I guess the owner is vicariously getting the fame through his cat.

The cat doesn't know what is going on, except he can't groom and will probably die a lot younger than he should. I think we need to get a handle on this and present to the world and make famous animals and people who present a positive image, something useful and inspiring.

Just my rambling thoughts. But there is no doubt that it is wrong at a fundamental level to present to the world the worlds fattest cat. Unless there is some criticism going on but I doubt that. Overeating is obscene in a world where millions are starving (in Zimbabwe alone about 7 million are at risk of starvation). They'd probably eat the cat food given a chance.

Worlds fattest cat to cat health problems

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