Thursday 9 October 2008

How many cat breeds in the US and Canada?

How many cat breeds in the US and Canada? The answer to this depends on how you'd like to answer the question. If you want to know the number of recognized cat breeds in the US and Canada you just have to go to the cat associations of the US and Canada and see. Simple.

But that can't be the full story. A cat breed can be a cat breed despite not being registered. Or can it? That is the point. If you want an absolute and unqualified answer to the question you'll have to do some research because there are quite a large number of cat breeds that have failed to make it to recognition by the cat associations but have nonetheless got off the drawing board and actually been bred.

I don't know how many unrecognized cat breeds there are and therefore can't answer the question: "How many cat breeds in the US and Canada?". But I am working through all the cat breeds and you can see the recognized cat breeds here and the less well known cat breeds here. The latter list is expanding.

The CFA is the most conservative cat association/registry and TICA are more adventurous. You can see a list on this page: Too Many Cat Associations.

You can see more on the number of cats registered on this page:

Different cat breeds.

This page will tell you how many cat breeds are in the US and Canada on the basis of accepted cat breeds.

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