Saturday 4 October 2008

The Dallas City Code Chapter 7

The Dallas City Code Chapter 7 - Mandatory spay/neuter, breeder permits and limits on pets has apparently been passed on June 25th 2008. The law creates controls over pet ownership/keeping and breeding.

The CFA opposed this law and frankly I am surprised. The legislation as I read it is not onerous or burdensome and there is, it seems to me, (viewing this from a distance, living in London UK) a need for better control as people are not self regulating. If there are 2.2 million feral and abandoned cats euthanized each year in the United States there must be a need to place greater controls over cat keeping and the controls over cat breeding will I hope weed out the isolated bad breeders. I had advocated that the CFA better regulate the registered breeders. That may have avoided the local authority stepping in.

The new regulations place the following obligations on cat keepers, breeders:

All cats/dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed/neutered unless the keeper has a breeder permit. As it is considered necessary to spay/neuter this cannot be a bad thing. In fact it is overdue. How will it be enforced though?

Cat breeders must pay 70$ for each cat p.a. and $30 for any intact cat. Only one litter per cat is allowed p.a. Once again this doesn't seem bad. The amounts are not that large and can be passed on at least in part to the customer. The fee may drive some out of business but the serious breeders should be able to overcome the fee. The one litter a year restriction might not have that big an impact because on my research breeding cats only have one litter p.a. anyway (see purebred pedigree cat breeders).

There is a limit of a maximum of 6 cats per dwelling. If a person has more than six cats they are crazy in my opinion - far too many. This is hardly a restriction.

If the dwelling is set in half an acre of land 8 cats are allowed. That for me is very generous.

These laws seem very reasonable. What did the CFA object to? The CFA says the law will result in the loss of pedigree cats in the Dallas. I am clearly missing the point. Is the CFA saying that there will be less pedigree cats bred because of the licensing fees? They must be.

If anyone wanders by maybe they'll tell me what is so bad about the Dallas City Code Chapter 7 - Mandatory spay/neuter, breeder permits and limits on pets. Is there a trend in the United States to tightening up pet ownership/breeding on a general level?

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  1. Anyone who owns a cat is probably infected with Toxoplasma gondii. (TG) It is a peculiar parasitic disease which makes the infected persons have an irrational love of cats. It explains why some people's houses are full of hair and stink of cat piss and they don't seem to think it is a problem.

    Do some research on TG and you will find that TG is the only parasite that alters the human brain to make the other parasite "host" (cats) attractive" to those infected.

    TG actually makes infected mice like cats and lose their fear of the predator...go figure.

    TG is in cat shit... a decidedly toxic substance with infectious diseases deposited in sand boxes and gardens with the blessing of the TG infected humans who actually tolerate large amounts of it in their houses in so-called, litter boxes.

    At any rate I see these poor infected cat owners become totally immune to the disgusting nature of cats. They will read about TG and not believe a word of it because they are infected and incapable of rational thought where cats are concerned.

    Just watch how they react to this information, deny it, shrug it off, minimize it, deny it, etc.

    To save them and prevent ourselves from becoming infected we have to kill cats. It is that simple.

    It is no less an issue than killing rats to prevent bubonic plague.

    As for methods, there are many ways. Use a humane one and make sure you take precautions so that you do not get infected. Also do not get caught.

    Think of your children playing in the garden becoming infected with TG. Think of your pregnant wife or anyone with a suppressed immune system.

    We would not tolerate this source of disease were it from any other animal that had not successfully infected such a large percent of the population (ie. cat lovers.)

    Don't even get me onto the topic of how many birds, chipmunks and rabbits cats kill and how "infected" cat owners are okay with that slaughter. They are even proud when Tabby brings home the latest victim, be it a baby robin or a bluebird.

    A nice add on to any bird feeder is a live cat trap.

    Cat haters, keep up the good work and improve the planet one (or more) cat at a time until there is a cure for TG.

    Until then, that is the only solution we have.

    Seriously, research TG and draw your own conclusions about why some people can live in a house with a big (litter) bin full of smelly infectious cat shit that makes a normal person gag.

    Notice how they always say, "I have to clean the litter box." Next time you visit it will still be the same. They love the stuff.

    Poor TG infected morons.


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