Thursday 23 October 2008

Torturing a cat in Pennsylvania

Torturing a cat in Pennsylvania is a first degree misdemeanor. In some states it would be a felony, Alabama being one example (see the law). However, in Pennsylvania, on a second offense it becomes a felony of the 3rd degree. I understand that new law is being debated. At the date of this post the law as stated is correct.

This piece of criminal code (which can be seen here) may well apply to a certain Erik Lach, aged 23, who has been accused of torturing several cats. The alleged criminality took place in or around Hunting Park, Pa.

Blood was found in Mr Lach's home. Two of the cats were so badly injured they had to be put down. The third survived and is being fostered. Mr Lach has also been charged with being in possession of drugs. Are the two linked? Perhaps. It takes a sociopathic/psychopathic personality to want to torture any animal so if he is convicted he may have a mental health problem. We must remind ourselves that he is innocent 'til proven guilty.

If he is guilty and convicted it would seem likely that he would be the subject of a presentence report. Torturing a cat in Pennsylvania probably isn't that madly uncommon. Cats are a target for crazy people who want to vent anger to world over.

Torturing a cat in Pennsylvania to Cats and the Law

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