Saturday 18 October 2008

Cat shelter populations rise

Cat shelter populations rise when the economy is bad. Going through the "credit crunch" results in more cats being left at cat rescue operations. They were already high as far as I am aware. This can only mean more cats being euthanized. The kittens are first in line to be saved. We play god and kill the ones who are less "attractive" visually.

This is so shallow. We know it. But some people just don't get it. There should be no correlation between rescue center numbers and the economy. When we adopt a cat we do it for the life of the cat, don't we? There may be struggles and downsides etc. but we do it for the life of the cat and stick with it.

If we cannot commit to that at the beginning of the journey, we don't start the journey. In this world there are millions of fine people who live good and useful lives who never get recognition for it. Yet people who are a lot less good become recognized and rewarded. It is these fundamental value problems that are at the root of the dysfunctionality in the world. We don't seem to value goodness. We prefer to value image and monetary wealth above goodness.

Yet cat shelter populations rise when times are harder financially. People must be making a decision like this: "do we get rid of the second car or the cat?" There shouldn't even be a credit crunch. Back in the old days, we saved for the things we wanted and bought them when we had the money. Back in the 1950s and 1960s we didn't even have credit. The banks dreamt it up and overcooked the whole thing. Governments gave the masters of the universe free rein as they made money for the country and paid taxes. The two together worked in collusion to make this mess. Now cats pay the price and good people too. The bad greedy guys have tucked away there millions in gold thank you very much. Typical humankind. Humankind is not kind as far as I can see. Sorry if this is a bit negative and I am sure millions disagree and simply don't give a damn either.

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