Sunday 4 May 2014

Cat Websites: Success Not Dependent upon Quality

The Internet is not what visitors to websites think it is.  The quality of a website is not the major factor in how many visits a website gets.  Quality of content is surprisingly a secondary factor. The major factor is how well it is advertised. And one of the best ways to advertise a website is via Facebook. 

A huge number of website owners advertise their website through Facebook.  In other words, they create an article on their website and they put a link to that article on their Facebook webpage (it is very easy to create a Facebook webpage).  Then they build a massive audience to their Facebook webpage.  They do this by paying people to "like" the page through Asian businesses who charge a low fee.

Most of these businesses are in Asia where they can pay people a very small amount of money to homeworkers to “like" any website that you want, including a Facebook webpage.

There are very many Internet businesses who will guarantee to get for you thousands of "Facebook Likes" to your Facebook webpage.

When the website owner puts a link to their website on their Facebook webpage everyone who likes the Facebook webpage receives a notification to the link.  Then they click on the link and go to the website.  The result is that the website gets more hits and this is a form of advertising.

That is the reality of the internet. I doubt whether anyone is interested but they should be because the websites with the best content should get the most hits.

What is the best content? That is another story but it is not really the best content....

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