Monday 26 May 2014

Internet Writers Waffle For SEO Reasons

It can be difficult to write a concise compact article for a website because it might be too short for search engine optimisation (SEO) reasons.  Sometimes a writer might simply wish to answer a question in an article.  The answer to the question may take one line of text.  That would not be enough for search engine optimisation reasons.

Sometimes the nub of a news story can be stated in a couple of lines or in a paragraph of text.  But a paragraph of text amounts to about 50 or so words and that is not enough for search engine optimisation reasons.

Classically, the average Internet article may be something between 300 to 1,500 words averaging about 500 to 700 words, perhaps. Writers feel compelled, or are told by their editors, to write articles of around 500+ words.

If the topic that they're writing about really demands far less words then a lot of what they write will be padding --- what I refer to as waffle.

A lot of Internet readers want to find the answer to a question that they have and they want to find an answer quickly in the first paragraph of text but often Internet writers waffle their way through about three initial paragraphs before even beginning to answer the question or provide relevant information.

I would hope that the search engines become more refined so that a person can write even one word as an article and that that article is found successfully by search engines and ranked highly provided the single word completely addresses the topic at hand.

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