Friday 16 May 2014

Crack Cocaine, Alleged Threats to Kill, Alleged Animal Abuse

They seem to go together quite nicely.  He talked about hurting his girlfriend to his girlfriend.  He talked about hurting animals.  He talked to people who weren't there.  He heard voices which told him to kill humans, kill his girlfriend, you name it.
Nicolino Ivano Camardi - Photograph by: Calgary Herald , Calgary Herald
Baby faced alleged cat killer.

You know that violence against animals often leads to violence against people in a kind of natural progression.  In this case you can bundle it all together simultaneously and it would seem, at a cursory glance, that the catalyst for this chaotic and violent behaviour is drugs.

At this moment in time these are allegations, please note.  I don't want to defame this person. However, it would seem very easy to casually fall into this destructive and nihilistic way of life.

This person is charged with killing a cat and a dog.  He taped their mouths shut.  The dog starved to death while the cat had been strangled with a cord or rope and had other injuries.

Quite naturally, the judge has ordered that this person undergo a psychiatric evaluation.  I should not prejudge the outcome of that evaluation but it would seem likely that he suffers from a mental illness brought about, or brought on, by drugs.

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