Friday 9 May 2014

Complications Of Declawing

Complications Of Declawing

I simply want to advertise the page which the link above points to so please click on that link and go to the page.  It is a long page and quite a complicated page.  There is a long list of complications but what is astonishing is that a well-respected veterinarian has left a comment in which she states that the list of complications is nowhere near long enough.

When I wrote the page several years ago I thought there were a lot of complications for an operation that is not required.  But then to learn today, May 9, 2014, that you can add many more complications to this latest I was gobsmacked.  I was also very sad.

I hate to go on about this.  I don't want to go on about declawing and complications and why it shouldn't happen.  It is boring.  It is tiresome.  It upsets people who support the idea of declawing cats.  I don't want to upset people.  I don't want to upset anybody.  I want people to like me and like what I say.

However, how can anybody not address the side-effects of an unnecessary operation and then reflect on whether the operation is a good thing or not.  If we care about our cats then we must reflect on the complications of declawing.  We mustn't listen to the veterinarian who is doing the declawing without questioning and without reflection.

The declawing veterinarians make a lot of money from the operation and they are bound therefore to promote it because ultimately they are in the business of making money.  Their views are not impartial.  The vet's views are coloured by financial profit.  It doesn't matter how honest and good and moral the veterinarian is if there is a choice between 2 decisions and 1 decision makes more money he will choose that option.  That is totally to be expected and a normal human reaction.

There are some wonderful American veterinarians and one of them is Dr Kirsten Doub. She is currently engaged in a study which provides insights on the subject of complications of declawing. Her study is investigating the sort of pain that a cat suffers from after the operation.  She is revealing new information and it does not square up with what we are familiar with and which is disseminated by the veterinarians who routinely conduct the operation.

Anyway,  I have gone on enough.  This post is simply asking people to click on the link at the top of the page and then read that page slowly and carefully and then read the comment of Dr Hofve below the page and then finally digest the whole thing and decide, once and for all, to never declaw any cats again and ask other people do exactly the same thing.  Thanks for reading this.  If you got this far you have done fantastically well!

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